Killer Octopus is headed by
Nick Breckon and Staten Cousins-Roe


Nick is a creative director, producer and motion designer, working in London and Melbourne since 2003. A science graduate with an artistic mind, and a pragmatic, rational approach. Nick has has produced award-winning work in all sorts of sectors for lots of happy clients.


Staten has produced and directed branded content, documentaries, HBO and Sundance Channel screened shorts and internationally released feature film A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life, for which he was nominated for the Screen International Genre Rising Star award. He is passionate about making bold, quirky, impactful, work for agencies, brands and clients from all over the world. And chocolate. He really likes chocolate.

Why Killer Octopus?

The octopus is the most astonishing of creatures – smart, adaptable, brave, beautiful. We admire them a lot. Add in a killer edge? Unbeatable.

For us, the online marketing world is exhilarating; digital platforms are evolving constantly as the hierarchy of messaging is changing. Campaigns move from social to TV, and back again – all scrambling for eyeballs and engagement. With such pace and evolution, only the most original concepts and most flexible production models survive, the rest are destined to be digital flotsam and jetsam.

So, do you want to be smart, adaptable, brave and beautiful? Do you want to do unbeatable work? We do. Get in touch for a chat about what we can achieve together.