Hello, we're Killer Octopus.

We might be just the video production company you're looking for.


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We're a highly experienced pair of video directors and producers, and whilst you can never know everything, we claim to know a fair bit with a combined 40 years in the industry, on both sides of the camera and within all stages of production.

Our favourite part of any project is hearing what you have to say and then grafting to come up with that killer idea – the one that satisfies all of your goals and objectives.


Staten and Nick have been friends for many years, and even live in the same village just north of Brighton, UK. They have wide ranging, complementary skills in film and motion, with a broad network of talent to call on (think camera operators, casting directors, actors and more). This flexibility allows them to scale a production to suit almost any budget large or small...

Staten Cousins-Roe

Staten has produced and directed branded content, documentaries, HBO and Sundance Channel screened shorts and an internationally distributed feature film. 

He has been BAFTA and BIFA longlisted, and is a Screen International Genre Rising Star Award nominee. He is passionate about making impactful, creative work for agencies, brands and clients alike. 

When not in an edit suite or similar he likes falling off walls, otherwise known to those who don’t fall as bouldering.  


Nick Breckon

Nick has been an award-winning Producer/Director and CD in London and Melbourne (Australia) since 2003.

With an artistic mind and a pragmatic, rational approach, he’s focussed on delivery against your brief and objectives in the most efficient, transparent and low-drama manner possible.

When not attending to his children’s every whim and fancy, Nick has serious passions for furniture making and riding his bike in those hills you can see behind him.



Variety is the spice of living, or something like that - so why not drop us a message to arrange a chat? We're friendly, open and promise we won't bite.

In all seriousness, fresh energy and ideas can be a tonic for any business or brand, and we’re bursting with both.

And if you’re pushed for time and need something fast, email us whatever info you have and we’ll get back to you with a prospective budget and turnaround time. Sometimes you just need what you need now.